Monday, September 27, 2010

Help Wanted

One of the hopes I have for Alpha Beta Comics is that it will be a place where people with various talents (writing, drawing, etc.) could have sort of a central place to find eachother and make comics.

In the spirit of that we need a colorist. Alpha Beta Comic's first original series, "Droid Alpha" is under development, and we have a very talented artist but he works in sketches. So what we need is someone who can take those sketches, add coloring, a few detail, and make them look purdy. Now the workload is kind of big (about 80 frames a month) but we're willing to have multiple colorists, as long as their styles match. And there is currently no money involved in this (yet..) so you'd be doing this for free.

Now if you're interested here's what you do. Take this sketch
And color it, using this color scheme for the Android.

Once you've done that send me a PM on Youtube and we will consider you.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Testing Things

Hello and welcome to hub page of Alpha Beta Comics, we (3 people at this point) are online creators of comics/graphic novels.

The blog is to mainly to link all the (2 currently) comics to one site. Once things get going we'll post the occasional update here, but not for a while as we're still in the beta testing phase. (har har get it?)

One of our contributors Kate already has a well established comic. If you love sci-fi you should definitely check it out! And our team is currently working on another comic, Droid Alpha, but don't expect anything on that until around October.